Does Seresto work for large dogs

Yes, Seresto does work for large dogs. Seresto is an 8-month flea and tick collar designed to provide long-lasting protection against fleas and ticks on cats and dogs of all sizes. It starts working immediately after being put on your pet and provides continuous protection for up to 8 months. It is made with a unique polymer matrix that releases its active ingredients steadily over time, distributing them evenly along the pet’s body. This ensures that there are no huge spikes or dips in the distribution of active ingredients across the skin. This also means it works equally well on small, medium, and large dogs. Additionally, due to its slow release design, Seresto can help protect both indoor and outdoor cats and dogs from fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitos, and other pests without the need for monthly treatments.

Why Choose Seresto for Your Large Dog?

Seresto is a great choice for large dogs because of its long-lasting protection against parasites. Most monthly flea and tick treatments only last about 30 days, but Seresto works for 8 full months! This means you can spend less time worrying about re-applying every month, and more time playing with your pup.

In addition, Seresto is fast-acting and starts killing fleas within the first 24 hours after application on your dog’s coat. Also, the collar slowly releases low doses of active ingredients over time which eliminates the need for frequent reapplication. Plus, there’s no unpleasant odor from the product either!

Finally, Seresto offers superior protection from fleas and ticks than other products. Its unique design in combination with its specially formulated ingredients gives your big dog complete coverage from both irritations while also eliminating their eggs and larvae seresto flea and tick too. That way you can rest assured knowing that your beloved pet will be safe and happy all season long.

How does Seresto Work on Big Dogs?

Seresto is an excellent option for keeping fleas and ticks away from your large dog. It utilizes the same active ingredients that are found in tick and flea medications you get from the vet, but is packaged into a long-lasting collar that can protect your pet for up to 8 months at a time.

So how does it work? Seresto collars use two main active ingredients: imidacloprid and flumethrin. Imidacloprid helps to kill any adult fleas or ticks that make contact with your pup’s fur, while flumethrin helps to repel any blood-sucking insects. As these ingredients are slowly released over time, they don’t wear off or wash away like some other treatments might—staying active throughout all four of your pup’s seasonal changes! Additionally, the materials used in the Seresto collar are 100% pesticide-free and non-toxic, so there are no unpleasant smells or irritants for you or your pet.

Instructions for Applying Seresto on Large Breeds

Applying Seresto to large breed dogs is easy, and depending on the size of your dog, you may need two collars. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Measure your dog’s neck: Use a flexible tape measure to find the exact circumference of your Dog’s neck. You’ll want to make sure that the collar fits snugly so it won’t move or come off easily.

2. Choose the right collar length: Once you know the exact circumference of your dog’s neck, select a Seresto collar that matches their size guidelines for Large Breeds (over 30 lbs).

3. Cut the extra off: Most Seresto collars come pre-cut with holes already in place, but if necessary you can trim off excess material from the end of the collar so that it fits perfectly around your Dog’s neck.

4. Place it around your Dog’s Neck: Now that everything is sized correctly, place the collar around your Dog’s neck and close the clasp (make sure not to pull too tight!). Ensure that there is at least 2-3 centimeters between the snug fit and their ears for maximum comfort!

Summing up

The Seresto collar has proven to be an excellent product for fighting against fleas and ticks on large dogs. While it may cost a bit more than other products at first, the long lasting protection it provides can save you money in the end as well as peace of mind that your dog will stay happy and healthy.